Create Categories: Enable multiple categories for your bundles

Product Limits: Set min/max products per category across different box sizes.

Image Navigation: Utilize category images for intuitive bundle page navigation.

Multiple Categories Can Now Be Added on Bundle Builder

Craft a tailored bundle builder experience matching brand tonality or program offerings.

Headless Bundle Builder: Host on storefront without requiring a separate backend, ensuring seamless user experience.

Centralized Bundle Catalogue: Enhance bundle discovery with a single page listing all offerings for users.

Curate completely personalized bundle builder experiences

Instantly create multiple actions with a single click

Segment based on order status, plan, products, tags, and more

Motivate users with incentives tailored to specific actions or orders

Receive prompt email notifications upon completion of link generation.

Quick Action Updates

*If* function added to Flows

*If* condition introduced to trigger flows when selected products are not present in subscriptions

Enables precise control, preventing unwanted triggers and optimizing customer engagement.