Flawsome Drinks, a popular B Corp UK beverage brand, decided to migrate from Recharge to Loop

Here's why

Mismanaged Subscriptions On Recharge

Recharge created two separate listings of all SKUs for one-time products/subscriptions which made it hard to manage inventory. 


Loop's Solution

Native Checkout Subscriptions on Loop

Loop solved this issue by creating subscriptions on existing SKUs (same as one-time purchases) => Sold through native checkout.

Your Page!

Subscription Ops simplified!

Flawsome could easily manage their inventory & discounts with single SKU listings.


Your Page!

Subscription Ops simplified!

Customers also didn’t have to create a separate account for subscriptions over one-time purchase.


Fast Support!

Flawsome was super impressed with our onboarding process and customer support. Whenever they had any queries, we were quickly able to address all of them.

added benefit

Loop subscriptions has been phenomenal in managing our subscriptions. The migration was smooth and our operations overhead is much lesser now.

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