Chief Nutrition, an Australian brand switched from Bold to Loop in
<1 week

Here's why

To run subscriptions, Chief up till now was using Bold. But they were not satisfied because of 4 major limitations.

We turned those 4 limitations into 4 amazing possibilities 👉🏻

Native Shopify Checkout

Eliminated the need of two separate checkouts for subscription v/s one-time products and improved customer experience.

Switching To A Flexible Customer Portal

Loop’s customer portal is completely self-serve which resulted in reduced customer tickets.

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Preventing Payment failures

Loop’s dunning management busted passive churn with smart recommendations for
at-risk subscribers.

Upselling One Time Products

Upselling one time products to existing subscribers became easy in upcoming order emails and customer portal. 

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@gorgiasio @smilerewards @klaviyo & @attentiveHQ with @LoopEngine for @CampusProtein

Migrating From Bold To Loop Is Easy

Upgrade to  a better subscription experience
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